Korn Ferry: Emerging Global Talent Trends for 2020

Based on input from talent acquisition, development and compensation experts from across the globe, Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY) has identified emerging global talent trends for 2020.

“The workforce is rapidly evolving. In the coming year we will see an even greater focus on transparency, agility, culture and purpose-driven leadership,” said Byrne Mulrooney, Chief Executive Officer, Korn Ferry RPO, Professional Search and Korn Ferry Digital. “Employers are also becoming more flexible in how they embrace technology, attract and reward employees, and create ongoing transformation at all levels of the organization.”

The following are several emerging trends (in no particular order):

  • Goodbye control, consistency and closure. Hello trust, purpose and agility. Now, instead of trying to energize people around an analytical strategy, leaders are creating an agile and adaptable culture where teams trust each other and understand the purpose of the work.
  • Transparency in pay.
  • Closer to cracking the code on effective diversity and inclusion.
  • Cautiously controlling hiring and compensation.
  • Revolving door at the top creating continuous succession planning.
  • Candidate (and employee) care in the world of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Reskilling for the future.
  • Continuous transformation.
  • Rise of the "career nomad".
  • Pick us! Pick us! Companies are upping their employer brand to attract and retain top candidates.

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