Cornerstone Discusses Career and Leadership Assessment for Women

Jill Macleod, executive coach and partner with JL Cornerstone in Canada, writes this interesting article about her observations coaching seven women who are either Partners or in the C-suite and are looking to advance their careers. Jill wrestles with how she guided these individuals and what she learned from each assignment. 

All of the women that Jill mentored wanted to be sure that they were making thoughtful and intelligent career choices that would bring purpose and success in their lives by creating a balance between their professional endeavors and their personal lives. Jill explains that several of the women she mentored were struggling with the notion that their work should have a greater purpose to create a sense of fulfillment for themselves – and in these instances the women indicated that they would make appropriate trade-offs in compensation and position to gain this sense that what they are doing matters.

Leadership assessment and coaching is very different between genders, Jill explains. “Women always put personal first unapologetically. They stuck with it, completed the process and kept incorporating what they learned, coming back to it. Is this Gender Related or just a sign of the times – the need for baby boomers to find meaning and incorporate the personal with their work life? Or something more prevalent in women?”

The full article is posted on the Cornerstone blog. Read the full article.


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