Spencer Stuart: Women in Business

Spencer Stuart finds organizations throughout the EMEA region are coming under growing pressures to increase the representation of women on their boards.  The forces range from legally enforced quotas to recommendations in governance codes.

Companies are increasingly bringing on women with different backgrounds and experiences into consideration. The trend remains that nomination committees are still predominantly looking among the ranks of current and former corporate executives to fill executive positions.

Spencer Stuart interviewed HR leaders and board directors across all sectors in the EMEA region to learn what measures they are taking to address the issue. Some of the findings:

  • Quotas are not the answer at the executive level
  • Barriers to progress including work/life balance and lack of role models 
  • Metrics and accountability are needed for assessment
  • Change in mindsets and working practices are needed to overcome subconscious attitudes that discourage women

The full report is published on Spencer Stuart’s website. Read the full report.


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