Spencer Stuart: Combatting the Lack of Women in Leadership

In this article, Spencer Stuart looks at how, despite multiple studies proving that organizations and boards with greater gender diversity are more successful than those without women, the progress of women in leadership is not as far as it could be. Citing a study from and McKinsey & Company, on average there are fewer and fewer women with each step up the successive levels within organizations. The study points out that at the manager level, for every 100 women promoted, 130 men are promoted, and at the SVP level, women hold only 20% of roles.

Spencer Stuart outlines and discusses the below areas, and more, on how to promote the hiring of more women in leadership positions:

  • How to increase the number of women in the candidate pool.
  • What women can learn from men’s networking habits.
  • How CEOs can create a culture where gender diversity is a priority.

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