Slayton Search Partners: Where Are All the Women in FinTech?

While there are well over 1,000 of the best-funded fintech companies, only 16 women are sole founders. Even when men and women are pitching the same ideas, there are studies that show investors of all genders tend to be subconsciously biased towards women. Women-led startups in turn, get less funding than men-led startups which leads to low representation at the top. All of this then creates a less appealing path for other women to get involved in fintech. 

In fact, women make up just 30% of the fintech workforce. Ending the gender disparity in fintech must be a top priority of leaders in the space.

Slayton Search Partners explores the gender gap within the fintech space, including:

  • Barriers to women in FinTech
  • Benefits to having women in FinTech leadership roles
  • Examples of women paving the way in FinTech
  • What leaders can do to encourage more women

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Stuart Smith
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