Russell Reynolds Associates: Survey Results on Diversity and Inclusion Perceptions Around the World

Russell Reynolds Associates presents the results of a survey of over 2,100 executives around the world on their thoughts on diversity, inclusion, and belonging within their organizations. Citing the fact that individual’s goals surrounding D&I can differ greatly depending on background and experience, this survey gives an overview of how these matters are seen and approached globally. One of the overwhelming takeaways is the consistent gap between the perspectives of women and men.

Interesting findings include:

  • While 44% of men surveyed believe their senior leadership is sufficiently diverse, only 30% of women agree with this statement.
  • 41% of women respondents believe key diverse talent have left their organizations due to a lack of inclusion/engagement, as opposed to only 29% of men.
  • Over 60% of both men and women feel they do not have to cover up something about themselves to be accepted at their workplace.

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