Odgers Berndtson: Looking Back on Women in the Workplace

In this piece from Odgers Berndtson, leader of the HR Practice and senior member of the Board Practice, Aine Hurley, looks back at her own experiences and what she has witnessed in how women have been treated in the workplace over the last twenty years. She speaks on the assumptions when considering women candidates during the executive search process she witnessed, such as women being less willing to travel or a heightened risk of appointing women to particular roles.

Hurley also looks at how having a larger conversation about work-life balance can help the changing tide of hiring more women in executive roles. Societal shifts will be important to the movement, for reasons such as the gender pay gap and the previous expectations that women are responsible for the childcare. Hurley believes that if there was no difference in remuneration between men and women, there would be a more equal playing field between the sexes.

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