Korn Ferry: The Benefits of Gender Diversity in Financial Services

Korn Ferry has published a new report, “Inclusion at the top, engagement at the middle,” looking at gender demographics of 14 financial services firms. The overall analysis of the survey conducted cites that while there is still a large gap between the amount of men and women within management roles, with males dominating these positions, organizations that have even just one woman on the executive board show significantly higher levels of engagement across all management levels than all-male boards.

Key insights from the report include:

  • Only 17% of upper-level managers of the organizations surveyed were female.
  • At the firms with at least one female board member, 75% of male senior leaders and 73% of female senior leaders felt engaged.
  • 75% of upper management males at firms with at least one female board member felt engaged, as opposed to only 69% of males at organizations with all-male boards.

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