Heidrick & Struggles: Five Considerations for Leaders to Build on Gains and Avoid Pitfalls in the Hybrid World of Work

Amid the myriad uncertainties of returning to offices, it is clear that the future of work is hybrid; some people will remain remote while others will return to the office full or part-time. The degree to which work will remain remote will vary by industry, but a recent survey by PwC shows that 55% of workers want the choice to stay remote at least three days per week. That means that technology will continue to be at the center of how teams—and entire organizations—work together for the foreseeable future.

This ongoing state of hybrid work will unlock opportunities to bolster inclusion as well as create new threats to it. To retain the flexibility and inclusion many organizations have gained in the past year and avoid the pitfalls of a hybrid workplace, leaders must be intentional about how they use digital tools, how technologies are deployed across their organizations and, importantly, the behavioral norms and cultural expectations for using those technologies and tools.

Heidrick & Struggles discuss a thoughtful piece on how remote work has impacted diversity and inclusion. The article outlines what has been learned, new challenges, and striking the right balance for the future. The article also gives insight as to what steps leaders should take: 

  • Ensure cultural norms maintain inclusion and resilience
  • Ensure communication tools and strategies are inclusive
  • Ensure everyone can build networks and feel they belong
  • Ensure company-standard technologies meet everyone’s needs
  • Ensure leaders are up to date on new techniques and technologies

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Yulia Barnakova, Nedra Johnson and Andrew Jakubowski
Thought leadership category