Stanton Chase: It Takes a Global Village to Foster Belonging, Inclusive Leadership, and Diversity

For many years, organizations have attempted to address equality, diversity, and inclusion, but little progress been made. Successfully attracting and appointing leaders from underrepresented groups is not enough; we also need them to want to stay. Leaders and employees need to feel a sense of belonging and be given the opportunity to thrive, not simply survive. 

Eleri Dodsworth, a Partner at the Stanton Chase London office where she is a Regional Leader of the Diversity and Inclusion Practice for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, writes a thoughtful piece that covers the following topics on how organizations can create a sense of belonging for their leaders and employees. 

  • Culture 'Add' over culture 'Fit'
  • The white male ally
  • Intersectionality
  • Creating a culture of belonging
  • Cracking down on micro-aggressions
  • Using language as a tool
  • The talent management strategy
  • Remote work and belonging 
  • The importance of role models


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Eleri Dodsworth
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