Eton Bridge Partners: How do Boards Create and Cultivate an Inclusive Organization?

How can boards develop and nurture a truly inclusive organization in a way that builds trust and a sense of belonging – and leads to success? 

Louise Chaplin, Head of Board Practice at Eton Bridge Partners, hosted a webinar on the subject. She was joined b Kirsty Bashforth, Chief Business Officer at Diaverum, and Non-Executive Director at PZ Cussons and Serco, and Louis Cooper, CEO of the Non-Executive Directors’ Association.

During the webinar, attendees shared their views on the progress of the inclusion agenda within their organization. 

  • 78% said their leadership team was setting the right tone and driving the inclusion agenda.
  • 74% said the inclusion agenda was a priority in their boardroom.
  • 78% said they felt there was an inclusive culture in their business.


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