Diversified Search Group: Presidential Appointee J. Veronica Biggins On Diversity and Inclusion In The Workplace

Veronica Biggins is a Managing Partner at Diversified Search Group and a member of Southwest Airlines’ Board of Directors. Previously, she served as the Director of Presidential Personnel on the Clinton Administration.

In this interview with Sarasota Magazine, Biggins shares insights on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Biggins reflects on her childhood living abroad and learning about different cultures, college experiences, and relationships at Spelman College, a historically Black women’s school with notable alumnae like Stacy Abrams and Rosalind Brewer, the CEO of Walgreens. Brewer made history as the only Black woman currently leading a Fortune 500 company.

Biggins discussed how companies treat black women, who has a voice at the table, the importance of diversity and inclusion to the company’s bottom line, and how companies use “blind interviews” to hire for skill and competency.

On fighting systemic racism, Biggins says, “there is something to be said about listening to people who are different from you with varying points of view. Invite someone to lunch or dinner who does not look like you. Not only will you learn a lot, but this is how we gain respect for each other.”

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