Daubenspeck and Associates: Changing Character of the Domestic Workforce

Diversity, openness, and inclusion provide immense benefits to any organization. In a report by Daubenspeck and Associates, they find diversity and inclusion within the workplace contributes to economic growth, increased market share, cut down on turnover costs, and strengthens the overall talent pool. There has been a movement among companies to cultivate an equal and open corporate environment.

Some companies have released numbers based on the diversity of their employees and have made pledges to improve the diversity. For example, Intel has set a goal of increasing the diversity of their domestic workforce by 2020, and they have pledged $300 million in order to reach it. Google also announced similar plans with a $150 million pledge. What these companies refused has been to provide the ages of their employees.

Ages have historically been overlooked, and as a result older workers can be overlooked both in terms of hiring, as well as in overall discussions on diversity.

The full report is published on Daubenspeck and Associates’ website. Read the full report.


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