Dasein Search: For Women to Reach the Top, Companies Need to Change

This article by Dasein Search investigates how to rethink our attitudes and logic towards women in leadership.

According to the analysis of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), with input from 200,000 employees from 189 countries, women do indeed want to be a part of top-level management. However, they are put off from pursuing their dream for the following reasons:

  • Daily micro-aggression
  • Lack of opportunity within companies
  • No female leadership role-models
  • Policies that are insufficiently inclusive

Global campaigns such as Paradigm for Parity and Time’s Up are important for bringing the issue to the forefront.

How to rethink attitudes and logic in the workplace:

  • Children do not diminish ambition for high-level positions. With or without children, they want to seize leadership opportunities.
  • Women who work in organisations with female leaders feel more motivated and reach higher positions.
  • Being ambitious and determined is not enough. The ideal way forward is to demand change not only of female attitudes, but also that of corporations, demanding more equal structures, policies and opportunities.

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