Chadick Ellig: How Women Dispel Groupthink

Janice Ellig’s, Co-CEO of Chadick Ellig, article “How Women Dispel Groupthink” was featured on the Huffington Post. The article discusses how executives understand the need for diversity but the problem of groupthink can be more difficult to explain.  

The following is an excerpt from the article: “It is human nature to gravitate toward people who think, behave, talk and dress like us. It mitigates the discomfort of confronting differences -- and for a busy CEO, long, drawn out discussions with opposing points of view are the last thing with which they want to be bothered. While groupthink might save time -- healthy debates are productive in looking at all the alternatives and making better decisions. Blindly following one another is no longer an option in our fast-paced, global economy. Some even say that if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters & Brothers, perhaps the company would still be in business.”

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