Greenwich Harbor Partners: The Survival of Your Company Depends on the Creativity of Your Employees

Ted Pryor, managing director of Greenwich Harbor Partners, recently wrote an article for President & CEO Magazine, discussing a new business model that is inspiring creativity, developing new products and services and delighting customers. The companies that have successfully operated in the ‘new business paradigm’ are top companies like: Google, Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and Zappos.

The following is an excerpt from the article: “No story is more compelling in our times than the turnaround of Apple by Steve Jobs.  Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari and many other successful companies, gave Steve Jobs his first job. Nolan was always passionate about finding and nurturing the most energetic and creative people he could find.  He hired Steve Jobs after being informed that an unkempt and somewhat unruly person was out in the lobby insisting on being hired.  Nolan went out, talked with Steve and hired him on the spot.  Because Steve was unkempt and unruly, Nolan allowed Steve to work at nights and on weekends so he wouldn’t disrupt other employees. Nolan believes that without creativity, a company will not succeed in the current business environment and that almost all types of companies are creative dependent.  They just don’t all know it.  He believes that creativity must flow freely and liberally throughout the entire company.  And in order to have a creative company, they must hire and nurture creative people.  The ability to do this combined with a focus on delighting customers is the ‘new business paradigm’.”

The full article is published On the President & CEO Magazine’s website. Read the full report.


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