Senn Delaney “a Heidrick & Struggles Company” Interviews Children’s Hospital Los Angeles CEO

Senn Delaney sat down with Rich Cordova, CEO of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, to discuss culture and trends within the healthcare industry.

Please tell us a little bit about Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and why you began the journey of culture shaping.

Rich Cordova: Children’s Hospital is one of those special institutions. We are what we characterize as a freestanding pediat­ric academic medical center with a mis­sion that includes the prestigious clinical care that we provide, research, and teach. Our affiliation with the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California strengthens our presence here in the community. We are one of those institutions that are probably ranked one of the highest in the nation, and we’re very proud of our accomplishments.

I’m going to take us back to about year 2000, when the hospital board of direc­tors decided to embark on building a replacement hospital. The fundraising associated with that was phenomenal. As we got closer to the opening, about a year — year and a half, we began to real­ize that we had a gem on our hands. We had the opportunity to broaden the scope of services that we provided in the past. We also had a number of things we had to change in the way we delivered care in this new facility. So, we embarked on the journey with Senn Delaney to transform the culture.

The bedside culture is something I thought was the best. The teamwork at the bedside was phenomenal among physicians, nurses, therapists and so forth. We didn’t want to touch that, but everybody else around us, around the team, was important. They all gathered and said we need to look at ourselves and say, now that we’re going to reach out to different communities, this whole new notion of service to our communities is a priority that we need to embark on. That’s why we started the journey.

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