Senn Delaney “a Heidrick & Struggles Company”: CEO’s Most Important Job

In a recent article Senn Delaney’s founder and chairman discusses how to align strategy, structure, and culture.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

What can you share with CEOs about the importance of culture to strategy and performance?

Senn: CEOs and senior teams all have a lot — usually too much — on their plates. That is true today more than ever before because we are in times like never before. So, what are the blue chips, the highest value things for CEOs to focus on? We believe there are three powerful drivers of performance that deserve their attention.

  1. Purpose and direction — Connecting people at all levels to the mission and their declared strategy for fulfilling that mission
  2. Structure and enabling processes — Creating the best organization structure and supporting system to drive that strategy
  3. An enabling culture — Ensuring the behaviors in the organization are the specific ones needed to make the structure and strategy work

The full article is published on Senn Delaney’s website. Read the full article.


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