Raines International: A 4 Pillar Operating System for Innovation & Growth

Innovate or die. Whether you are in B2B or B2C, people always want something new. While it is the lifeblood of an organization — driving topline and improving the bottom-line — too many organizations wait too long to prioritize and promote innovation throughout the company. But, by that point, it may be too late as the infrastructure for change is not in place. This is when our phones ring from clients seeking the quick-fix management to build innovation into their businesses. Raines’ new Executive Assessment process, which analyzes candidates against six criteria, prioritizes a candidate’s innovation capability.

An organization and its leaders must create and abide by a strategy and operating plan for innovating and high-powered team building. When this happens, unparalleled product, service and operating excellence follow, generating more growth and value creation. Raines sought the views of numerous innovators in multibillion-dollar global organizations. From these discussions, we were able to identify four core pillars for ensuring a company or organization has an operating system to support innovation, growth and sustained relevancy to customers and investors.

  1. Innovation Leaders Listen & Learn
  2. Customer Obsession Counts
  3. Try New Things, but Don't Ignore The Core
  4. Be Daring!

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John J. Keller
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