Korn Ferry: Sticking with a Bad Boss

Gary Burnison of Korn Ferry advises on how to handle a nightmare boss situation in this post.

Admittedly, having a bad boss is one of the biggest challenges you can face. But before you despair, there are four ways you can turn having a bad boss into a good career move.

  • Misery loves company: About 50% of people have trouble with their bosses at one point or another.Know that if others survived this challenge, you can, too.
  • Move forward; don't run away: This discipline will help you keep your eye on your career development to strategically seek out opportunities (whether internal or external) that will increase what you learn and your potential for what you’ll earn.
  • Expand your emotional intelligence: Your ability to manage a difficult boss can help you expand your emotional intelligence, particularly in managing conflict and tense situations.
  • Know what not to do: Your bad boss is actually a valuable learning experience. People are more likely to learn about compassion and integrity from a bad boss than from a good one.

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