Korn Ferry: Handling Conflict with Care

Emotional intelligence remains a key ingredient in the development of corporate leaders. In this edited excerpt from his series a primer, best-selling author and Korn Ferry columnist Daniel discusses the role EI plays in conflict management. 

Research highlights the value of effective conflict management, showing that teams that use a cooperative approach to conflict have better business results. According to the Korn Ferry columnist, leaders who take time to understand different perspectives work toward finding a common ground on which everyone can agree. They also acknowledge the views of all sides, while redirecting the energy toward a shared ideal or an agreeable resolution.

According to Daniel, Harvard researchers found three common symptoms of so-called “hot conflicts.” Team members persist in arguing the same points. They make personal accusations, and when emotion flares, their progress halts.

Daniel discusses two emotional intelligence competencies that helps leaders manage conflict, Emotional Self-Control and Empathy.

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