Amrop: Make or Break? Why Transition Coaching is Critical for Incoming Executives

According to Amrop, transition coaching is critical for incoming executives. The adaptation for a senior executive to a new job is a essential period. During this time expectations are being born, relationships establish and trust must be swiftly built in circumstances that are unfamiliar and stressful, where tension is high and there is a perceived need for immediate results. 

Transition coaching is used to achieve the best possible adaptation and can be the differentiating factor in the success of an incoming executive.

In a recent piece Amrop tackles how transition coaching can help executives with the following challenges:  

  • Understanding that other cultures and values also permit successful results.
  • Active listening and observation during the first phase of integration
  • Management of enthusiasm and the desire to rapidly change aspects of the organization.
  • Management of the team’s emotions.
  • Having the right conversations at the right time – in the right way.
  • Dealing with his or her own anxiety.

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