Witt/Kieffer: Supporting the Success of Chief Diversity Officers on College Campuses

Today, higher education institutions have come to realize how important a chief diversity officer is to get things done regarding diversity and inclusion. The result of this trend is that chief diversity officers are responsible for increasing the number of underrepresented individuals within the institution and ensuring the pipeline for the future as well as being in charge of shaping the institution culture.

In a recent report, Witt/Kieffer shares insights on how to create an environment in which CDOs can thrive through the support of campus leadership.

  1. Make the institution's priorities clear
  2. Align the CDO's responsibilities with diversity and strategic plan
  3. Clarify the reporting structure for the CDO
  4. Pledge support and give diversity and inclusion initiatives the institution's full commitment
  5. Garner the resources needed to meet objectives
  6. Don't look to one person to singlehandedly fix problems and champion diversity

To read the full report, click here.


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