Vetted Solutions: In The Interim: Why Temporary Leaders Should Not Be Placeholders

Interim. The word alone triggers all sorts of connotations. Impermanent. Transitory. Placeholder. A period of uncertainty and disruption. But when it comes to leadership, “interim” can have a much different meaning. It can mean adjustment and adaptation. Stability and optimism. Maybe most of all, opportunity.

Top experts in talent management and leadership recruitment agree that filling an interim leadership position can be a significant opportunity for an organization – if approached with a mindset based on the principles reflected in the second definition of “interim.”

Main topics from the article:

  • When is Interim Leadership Needed?
  • So What Makes a Good Interim Leader?
  • What makes interim leaders successful?
  • Where Do We Find These Leaders?
  • So Why Does Any of This Matter?


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Jim Zaniello
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