Stanton Chase: Rise and fall of the Chief Digital Officer

The digital age has transformed businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not only does it affect the company as a whole but also how well they are able to share information. Stanton Chase believes that the chief digital officer (CDO) has the skill set and leadership potential needed to adapt to the landscape.

Aside from leadership potential, it is essential for the CDO to have the authority and responsibility to execute digital strategies. Companies must expand beyond traditional business models or face the threat of losing their competitive edge. Integrated digital strategies where all aspects of the business (sales, marketing, sourcing, production, services, finance, HR, etc.) are integrated not only allow for a more dynamic operation of the company but also can create new opportunities never presented before.

If employees execute digital strategies correctly, eventually the role of the CDO will be obsolete. At that point everyone will be working together, thinking digitally, acting as a CDO in order to survive the digital transformation we are experiencing.

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