Spencer Stuart: Building High-Performing C-Suite Teams

In a recent report, Spencer Stuart examined characteristics of a high-performing team. Organizations that cultivate high-performing senior leadership teams are more likely to outpace competition.

The performance of a team depends on multiple factors. Performance depends on composition, leadership, purpose, processes, how aligned the team is and informal interactions among team members. These factors are all interconnected. By changing one you will have an effect on the entire organization.

The following is an excerpt from the report: “Top teams are more important than ever to business performance. The composition and chemistry of the team, the strength of the CEO’s leadership, the protocols and processes for getting work done all can contribute to the performance of the team and help or hinder the potential of individual team members. And these factors are interconnected. Getting to the bottom of team dysfunction requires a systematic approach to assessing which of these factors or the dependencies among them — as well as the context in which team operates — are affecting team performance. When trying to change the team dynamics, then, addressing just one factor is unlikely to be effective; to truly drive change, the team mandate, composition, culture and processes must reinforce the new direction.”

The full report is published on Spencer Stuart’s website. Read the full report.


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