Russell Reynolds Associates: The Transforming Profiles of Communications and Corporate Affairs

Citing the rapidly changing environment of the communications and corporate affairs professions, Russell Reynolds Associates has identified key factors that are driving this change. In this article, Russell Reynolds outlines the shifts to the profile of this role throughout the years, as well as in present day, citing communications as one of the most disrupted professions. The reputation of both a company and its leaders are more important to the success of the business than ever before. In such an environment, communicators and corporate affairs directors must constantly be keeping their finger on the pulse and CEOs and boards must know what to look for in their leaders.

Russell Reynolds discusses the following 12 key factors they have identified has having the most effect on the changing communications and corporate affairs profiles:

  • Spotlight on leadership
  • Digitalisation
  • Activism
  • Risk management
  • Big data
  • Cyber risk
  • Having a voice
  • SRIs and risk measurement
  • Increasing regulation
  • Drive for financial results
  • Employees as brand ambassadors
  • War for talent

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