Russell Reynolds Associates: Rethinking the Role of the Chief Supply Chain Officer

Few positions have undergone as thorough a transformation as that of chief supply chain officer (CSCO), also referred to as chief operating officer (COO). As supply chain has evolved and become more complex, so does the role of the CSCO. The supply chain is no longer just getting goods from point A to point B.  Russell Reynolds Associates finds that this changing environment means companies need to re-evaluate their criteria for appointing a CSCO.

The role of the modern day CSCO has been elevated into the inner core of C-suite decision making. To be a successful CSCO, Russell Reynolds identifies the following traits:

  • Have a mindset of a chief executive officer
  • Build connections with colleagues, vendors, organizations and even competitors
  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • Be comfortable speaking with people at all levels
  • Be able to quickly interpret vast amounts of data and make strategic decisions to keep the business competitive

The full report is published on Russell Reynolds Associates’ website. Read the full report.


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