Morgan Young: 6 Actions to Stop Human Capital Derailing Your Next M&A Deal

Research reveals up to as many as 60-70 percent of merger or acquisition (M&A) deals do not realize the intended goals. Why? The American Management Association found that, on average, 25 percent of high-performing employees leave within 90 days of a major change event such as M&A, despite the fact they still have a job. Ernst and Young studies show 47 percent of key employees leave in the first year after a major transaction, with that number climbing to 75 percent after three years.

Morgan Young discusses six invaluable considerations to effectively lead human capital through M&A:

  1. Due diligence: do it
  2. The culture club
  3. Key talent identification
  4. Key talent retention
  5. Re-engage key talent 
  6. Speed 

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