Boyden: The New Corporate Heroes: High Demand Skill Sets Inspired By the Pandemic

For some progressive companies, particularly those that had modernized their information technology and remote work policies, the transition to working-from-home during the pandemic was more a molehill than a mountain. What all leaders are learning as the pandemic persists, however, is that success in the new normal isn’t just about slick video conferencing capabilities and an efficient filing nomenclature. This is a seismic leadership shift that requires a new mindset and, in many cases, a new skill set across all levels of the organization. 

Supply chain issues, digital transformation, changing regulatory obligations, and resourcing challenges are just a few of the new business dynamics inspired by the pandemic. More broadly, we are seeing greater consolidation and diversification and accelerated decision-making on those strategic topics. As a result, functions many leaders never saw as a top priority have become the new corporate heroes. And, what it takes to lead these teams has changed, inspiring new in-demand skill sets in the executive leadership ranks.

Boyden evaluates the following topics in this article:

  • Human Resources at The Executive Table
  • Risk- From Oversight to Religion
  • A Voice into Government and Regulators
  • Unsung Heroes of Communications Unearthed


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