Bedford Consulting Group: An Uneasy Guide For Leaders

Finding Purpose and Inspiration in Uncertain Times

What next? What now? These are the overarching questions being repeated in kitchens, living rooms and home offices across the globe. That sense of uncertainty, the confused jockeying between hope and apprehension, is insinuating itself into the very fabric of who we are.

Precariousness has become our only true constant. How we live, how we work, and how we play will never be quite the same. And that’s hard to wrap the mind around.

For leaders, whose trajectories through life have been marked by a facility for overcoming obstacles and thriving through adversity, these are especially difficult times. When every system, macro-to-micro, has been shaken so profoundly, can even experience and deep organizational knowledge be equal to the challenge?

Topics discussed in this article:

  • Losing Our Minds to Uncertainty
  • Make Recovery a Performance Goal
  • Use Down Time to Refocus Purpose
  • The Erosion of Trust is an Opportunity to Build Rapport
  • Meet Your People Where They Need You to Be
  • Value and Respect the Opportunity to Lead in This Time

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