Interview with Diversified Search’s CEO

In an interview Dale E. Jones, CEO of Diversified Search, discussed changes occurring within the executive search industry and key leadership qualities needed in today’s world. 

What did you find applicable about David Brooks’ book, “The Road to Character,” to the executive search work of Diversified Search?

DEJ: The crux of David Brook’s book and his TED talk is about enduring values that are important for people to live by. When our consultants work with clients on a search, we look at the leadership competencies that are important to the specific position as well as the client organization. Many of these are technical competencies. But increasingly, clients are talking with us about another level of attributes. They are appreciating the importance of finding leaders who fit in with their value system and have leadership qualities such as integrity, collaboration, strong work ethic and humility. In short, an enhanced or more thorough assessment of character and values are playing a more important role than ever in our industry.

The full interview with Dale E. Jones is published on Diversified Search’s website. Read the full article.


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