Institute of Directors: Defines ‘Talentism’

Simon Arcus, CEO of the Institute of Directors, discusses the importance of talent in New Zealand boardrooms. Boards are imperative for setting the tone from the top on culture and talent. The board is responsible for appointing the CEO, ensuring succession planning and senior team stability.

In order for any business to be successful on a global scale, quality human talent is imperative. The article highlights some discussions organizations should have to ensure human capital oversight. A few of those recommendations are:

  • Have we identified the human capital challenges and risks we are likely to encounter in the successful achievement of our strategic objectives?
  • What processes are in place to continuously measure capability gaps and overcome them?
  • Have we defined and understood the kind of culture we need to be successful and do we ensure that it is acted upon throughout the organization?
  • Do we have a succession plan covering the selection, development and evaluation of key staff?
  • How will we manage risks associated with sudden or unexpected departures through learning and development?
  • Do we receive sufficient information from management to ensure skills are being effectively deployed in the business?
  • Do we have a learning and development approach to meet current and future capability needs?

The full article is published in New Zealand’s Management Magazine. Read the full article.


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