B.E. Smith: Evolving Roles in Healthcare Leadership

A report by B.E. Smith finds the healthcare industry is confronting massive changes due to the mandates in the Affordable Care Act. With these changes, the executive roles in the healthcare industry are changing as well. The healthcare industry’s long-term transformation is effecting entire business models, from one that relies on reimbursement for volume of procedures performed to one based directly on quality outcomes at a given cost level.

In the article, B.E. Smith provides a few approaches and best practices to navigate the new roles:

  • Consider recruitment from less traditional backgrounds and outside the industry. These candidates will bring a different perspective to handle any issue.
  • Develop leaders using new/alternative career paths and interdisciplinary education. Allow potential leaders to gain understanding of departments, functions and roles beyond their core domains.  
  • Create leadership development metrics. Develop assessment tools to evaluate an organization’s progress on leadership.

The full report is published on B.E. Smith’s website. Read the full report.


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