Preng & Associates: 2014 Chairman and non-Executive Director Survey

Preng & Associates released the findings of the 2014 Chairman and non-Executive Director Survey. The survey reports the fees, time commitments and views of 387 UK chairmen and non-executive directors. The report includes companies of all sizes and all ownerships from mid and small cap, AIM, PE/VC back, and privately-owned firms. 

Some findings from the Preng & Associates survey include:

  • Board diversity is considered a top priority, yet with more focus on  ‘cognitive diversity’, which means having a variety of directors with very different viewpoints and ways of thinking within the board team
  •  The majority of non-executive directors believe their boards operate well and feel they have the resources to perform their duties effectively
  • There exists frustration due to lack of information or time to perform as well as they would wish

The full report is published on Preng & Associates’ website. Read the full report.


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