Korn Ferry: First-time Tech Board Members Share Insights on Earning a Seat at the Table

Korn Ferry recently interviewed new and experienced technology company board members to provide insights on how they obtained their first board seat. Executives look to join boards for many reasons. Some executives may be interested in shaping an organization, learning more about emerging new markets, or expanding their careers.

Of those interviewed approximately 20% of first-time tech board members landed their seat via a search firm and all others found them through informal methods. Often organizations seek board members through word of mouth or personal networks.

The interviews showed that there was no one path for candidates to position themselves for board selection. Being a CEO is not the only way to become a board member. In fact, 75% of first-time board members were not CEOs when they obtained their first board seat.

The full report is published on Korn Ferry’s website. Read the full report.


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