Johnson Partners: The Modern General Counsel - Protecting Value & Creating it

The vast majority (at least 70%) of GCs in the ASX100 report to the CEO and are members of the executive team.  Today's successful general counsel/chief legal officer (GC) adopts a much different approach, drawing on a very contemporary toolkit characterized by versatility, curiosity, business acumen, learning agility, strategic thinking, leadership, and personal courage.  Those who develop and deploy this toolkit earn their place as a key business partner and play a significant role in business strategy and decision-making.

Kate Olgers, who leads Johnson Partners’ Legal and Governance practice, characterizes and defines the modern general counsel. Olgers's perspective is informed by her first-hand experience as a chief legal officer of an ASX20 organization.

Olgers separates the modern GC into the following sections:

  • Internal and External Context
  • Role Dimensions
  • So, What's in the GC Toolkit?

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Katie Olgers
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