The Inzito Partnership: The Art and Science of Creating High Performing Boards

The Inzito Partnership shares an article by Dr. Sabine Dembkowski of Better Boards, highlighting the observed behaviours of high performing Boards and how a successful Chairman & Chairwoman can create a safe place in the Boardroom.

Chairmen today handle an array of challenges including a high demand for immediate results and pressure to meet expectations, plus the requirements to create a climate that provides high levels of Psychological Safety. That means making sure the Board is a safe place for personal risk-taking, without fear or anxiety of retribution to their career, status, and self-image.

Five elements that affect team psychological safety that Chairmen can draw on are:

  • The leader’s behaviour
  • Trust and respect between the team members
  • Organisational support
  • Set of habits and routines that team members develop amongst themselves
  • The opportunity for the team to practice and improve their tasks off-line without an immediate impact on their actual work

So how can Chairmen create psychologically safe Boardrooms? Read the full article to learn the list of behavioural tweaks and actions you can take.

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