Fisher Leadership: Mental Health Whitepaper

Disclosure of a mental health condition remains very low in most workplaces. A psychologically safe culture that promotes mental health must first be championed by leaders. This includes Boards as well as Executives. It can no longer be the responsibility of the Human Resources team alone. Strong governance, risk management and investment is crucial particularly in the face of an event such as the current pandemic when increased vigilance must to be sustained.

This mental health white paper, by Fisher Leadership, offers a curation of the latest anecdotal workplace data when it comes to leadership mental health, key extracts from relevant reports, combined with actions and initiatives to help leaders move confidently forward towards a mentally healthy and productive workplace.

The highest performing workplaces have one thing in common: psychological safety. When people feel safe, they are engaged and committed to their work, and this builds organizational resilience. Mental health literacy is essential for leaders.

The way we think defines the way we work, and the way we work will define our future.

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