Ingeniam Executive Search: Will it Come Down to Company Culture to Master the Crisis in Life Sciences?

Stephan B. Breitfield of Ingeniam Executive Search reflects on company culture. This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

In times like today – you all know what I’m talking about – it becomes even more clearly how important company culture is to make it through rough times. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not a decision whether or not you have a company culture. You have a company culture either way but it’s no doubt good to be in charge of it. And these can be the times when your real company culture shows and you find out whether you are or whether you are not.

Do you know your company culture?

Company culture or corporate culture can have many forms, often it refers to an organization’s social order and expected work practice whether it is specifically outlined or not. Cultivating a great company culture is important not only for employee engagement, happiness and retention, but also for a thriving business; regardless of the economic climate. A lot of the factors involved in creating company culture are fairly abstract and refer to beliefs and behaviors that can obviously differ a great deal. On top of that company culture is more implied as it is expressly defined. In the ideal case it develops organically over time as a result of cumulative traits of the company’s employees. All of them.

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