Stanton Chase: Rethinking Corporate Culture for the Hybrid Office

The workplace has undergone more changes in the past 12 months than arguably the past 50 years. What was long the norm for a desk job – quickly became undone in light of a rapidly spreading virus that has infiltrated every stratum of the business world and society at large. As companies first scrambled to respond by having employees work from home and are now tasked with envisioning a post-recovery strategy, human resources departments have found themselves on the frontline of companies’ crisis response.

“Employers must accept – and build on the fact – that a return to the office by no means is a return to the ‘normal’ of before the pandemic.”

Stanton Chase explains that by choosing a strong hybrid policy and deciding how and when to engage employees in company culture will also help ensure that the process of hiring new talent and subsequent onboarding go more seamlessly. Indeed, the benefit of a hybrid hub-and-spoke approach is clear: a broader talent pool spread across cities, states, even countries. For HR leaders looking to shore up the best talent, this approach can be even better than anything before.

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