Slayton Search Partner: HR Leaders Face a Post-Pandemic Hiring Boom

Now that the pandemic has begun to ease, with states reopening for business and high percentages of people already vaccinated, employee turnover rates have naturally increased. As such, a significant hiring boom has already begun and is only expected to gain momentum. How well HR leaders can pivot to “playing offense” will determine the success of attracting and retaining key talent to their respective organizations.

John Doyle, Executive Vice President at Slayton Search Partners, explains addressing these issues will no doubt be a tall order. Successfully navigating them will require perspective, vision, and a comprehensive understanding of how we got here to begin with.

The article outlines the following: 

  • The Hiring Boom at a Glance 
  • What Candidates Expect from Post-Pandemic HR
  • How HR Leaders Can Forge Ahead

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