Quaestus: 6 Lessons Learned from the Hybrid Organization

Hans van Essen, Managing Partner Leadership and Team Development at Quaestus, had a conversation with Saskia Bekkers, HR Director at T-Mobile. They shared their knowledge in the field of HR, leadership and their vision of the hybrid organization of the future.

What were the biggest lessons learned for them and which ones will they take with them into their organizations in the future?

These lessons learned provide food for reflection, but also the guarantee that organizations can emerge from this crisis well, or perhaps better. It is essential that organizations continue to hold on to what went well online and combine this with what can be done offline. Make sure that the center of gravity remains in the middle and that clear agreements are made about what happens in the office and what still remains online.

The main points discussed:

  • Be flexible
  • Less hierarchy
  • Connection
  • Digitization
  • Productivity
  • Hybrid culture

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Eveline van Rooij
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