Korn Ferry: Corporate America: The New Vocational School

It's one of the scariest stats the constantly disrupting business world has produced: more than 1.4 million Americans, and as many as 375 million workers worldwide, will need to switch their occupations because technology will make what they’re doing now obsolete.

According to a new article from Korn Ferry, companies like Amazon don’t appear to be quite so scared. In the boldest case yet of planning ahead for labor needs, a few large employers have decided to make huge bets on retraining their employees.

Last month Amazon announced a $700 million program to reskill 100,000 of its US-based employees in areas such as healthcare, machine learning, manufacturing, robotics, and computer science. The efforts could not only help employees qualify for higher-paying jobs but also create a huge group of internal candidates who can take on roles in some of the nation’s—and the company’s—fastest-growing areas.

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