IIC Partners: Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Current trends show millennials will jump from one opportunity to the next in order to seek new learning opportunities. With this trend, the workforce is undergoing an extreme cultural and demographic shift with the influx of millennials and the exodus of baby boomers retiring. As a result, chief human resource officers (CHROs) are facing unprecedented uncertainty in retaining and attracting future talent. CHROs need to understand trends and preferences of millennials to prepare and support their rise into leadership.

In a recent report IIC Partners identifies best practices for retaining future generations of leadership, the challenges of managing multiple generations within the same workforce and the need for CHROs to refresh organizational cultures.

To engage millennials in the workforce, organizations must provide the opportunity to:

  • Do meaningful work
  • Contribute to organization’s success
  • Participate in stretch assignments
  • Exchange information

The full report is published on IIC Partner’s website. Read the full report.


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