EMA Partners: Cultural Adaptability And Fit For The Middle East

Renowned Management Consultant and educator Peter Drucker said “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and that is particularly true in the Middle East.

One of the biggest challenges our clients face when hiring leaders from overseas is their ability to adapt to working in the Middle East. Getting to grips with how business is done, the varying pace of work, managing stakeholders and the melting pot of people from across the world, doesn’t come easy to all.

For decades we’ve seen several top-notch leaders move to the Middle East from developed markets including Europe, the US and developed Asia. Some have thrived, and continue to do so, but many struggled to navigate the nuances of the region.

EMA Partners highlighted a few key pointers for companies in the Middle East to consider when hiring leaders from outside of the region and what they can do to help the leader once he or she is in place.

  • Consistent and Transparent Selection Process
  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Onboarding Workshops for Expatriates
  • Frequent Reviews and Partners

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Amer Lakhani
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