Diversified Search: Manage Stress—and Improve Your Bottom Line

Each of us has very unique, and very personal, stress points. Anxiety is not fundamentally negative. Under certain conditions it can even motivate and mobilize us, or alert us to real danger, allowing for healthy productive responses that keep us safe. Even positive life changes such as a promotion, a new home and mortgage, or a new baby all produce added pressure. Some stress is a normal part of everyday life. But it shouldn’t be unavoidable and unrelenting.

We’ve all heard of mindfulness, but what is it, exactly?

  • It’s being aware of our physical, emotional, and cognitive lives is the foundation of mindfulness.
  • It’s finding a quiet place—even for just for a few minutes—and pushing away the constant flow of thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow long enough to be in this exact moment.
  • It’s not ruminating about what happened earlier or lamenting prior choices, or worrying about how we will get through a situation coming up, but actually using all five senses to be present and mindful of the exact moment we are in right now.

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Alison M. Byers, Psy.D
Thought leadership category