Boyden: Talent-led Transformation in a Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the relationship between organization and employee, and further blurred the lines between home and work. Employers have discovered higher levels of trust in their teams as managers and executives have found ways to deliver on customer needs. The ‘acceleration trap ’ that dominated the last decade, during which the number and speed of company activities, performance goals and innovation cycles became extreme, has given way to a more patient, considered way of working and interacting with each other.

Boyden's findings from this study confirm an overarching hypothesis that leaders have become more human. Big data, analytics and process had previously taken us down a path dominated by algorithms, KPIs and standardized approaches. Today, leaders increasingly understand the value of being human, as managers find innovative ways of doing things and executives have a different context in which to explore creativity.

The study outlines:

  • A barometer on confidence   
  • The right talent     
  • Hiring priorities
  • Reinventing the board
  • Talent look ahead    

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