Borderless Executive Search: Seqster Attracts Funding From Takeda, 23andMe’s Wojcicki For Silo-smashing Healthcare Data Platform

Compiling an individual’s entire medical history—from clinic visits to daily smartwatch data and beyond—can feel like following a far-flung trail of breadcrumbs. On a mission to make that path a little smoother, however, is Seqster, which is developing a platform to collect all that information in a single place. It’s not alone in that journey: Seqster, pronounced “seek-ster,” has raised $12 million in series A funding led by OmniHealth Holdings. Other participants in the round included Takeda’s digital health-focused venture fund and Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of 23andMe.

Individuals can use the platform not only to bring together their electronic health records, pharmacy orders, and lab history but also to link a genomic profile compiled by DNA testing providers like 23andMe and Ancestry, plus information gathered by wearable devices and wellness tracking apps from Fitbit, Dexcom, MyFitnessPal and more.

“Seqster was built on the foundation that real-time access to a patient’s complete medical history can solve major pain points across the healthcare continuum, impacting lives at scale,” CEO and co-founder Ardy Arianpour said in a release.

Seqster, a San Diego-based startup, will use the new investment to further develop its platform and expand its reach to more individuals, healthcare providers, payers, and researchers.

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