Alder Koten: Organizational Culture DNA

Alder Koten’s report maps out key elements of an organization’s culture. An organization’s culture is one of the most critical parts, yet explaining it is often difficult.  A clear understanding of an organization’s culture can help understand its correlation to executive strategy, organizational structure, and human resource planning.

The report maps and breaks down the Organizational Culture DNA into 9 types:

  • Discipline (Flexible or Strict)
  • Formality (Ambiguous or Defined)
  • Awareness (Internal  or External)
    Fertility (Open or Closed)
  • Status (Accomplishment or Attribution)
  • Authority (Participative or Autocratic)
  • Purpose (Organic or Mechanic)
  • Reliance (Dependent or Independent)
  • Community (Group or Individual)
  • Involvement (Diffuse or Specific)

The full report is published on Alder Koten’s website. Read the full report.


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